About Us


Larry Powder founded Larry Powder's Automotive in 1977 on 129 South Winnebago St. in Rockford. Previously, Larry worked for local auto-dealerships in their repair departments, where he met his wife of 53 years, Carol. 


In 1986, Larry Powder's Automotive moved locations to 823 Elm St. in Rockford, with the help of Larry and Carol's son, Michael Powder. 


In fall of 1994, Larry Powder's Automotive became Powder's Automotive, Inc. with the opening of its current location on 6400 Sebring Way in Loves Park.


Larry Powder, on right.

Though much has changed since our founding in '77, we here at Powder's Automotive, Inc. still believe in honest business, good work, and family tradition, and we stand by these morals.


We do business the old fashioned way: if there are still miles left, before parts need to be replaced, let's keep the money in your hands, until it's time for the repair. 

Be safe in your travels, and God bless.

- The Powder Family

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